Republic Day

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Dutch Truffle 250 gms(Eggless)

Rs. 235/-

Black Forest classic 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 455/-

Baked cherry cheese cake 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 630/-

Heart shape Red icing Cake 1kg(Eggless)

Rs. 1240/-

Heart Shape Dutch Truffle Chocolate Cake 1kg(Eggless)

Rs. 1160/-

Desire 300gms with flower and 100gms chocolate pralines(Contains Egg)

Rs. 720/-

Opera 300gms with Flowers (Contains Egg)

Rs. 535/-

Desire 300gms with flowers(Contains Egg)

Rs. 480/-

Opera 300gms with Flowers and 100gms chocolate truffle(Contains Egg)

Rs. 705/-

Chocolate Almond hazelnut 2kg(Eggless)

Rs. 2700/-

Chocolate strawberry 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 750/-

Banofee pie 1kg(Eggless)

Rs. 760/-

Chocolate crousillant 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 680/-

Pistachio opera 500gms(Contains Egg)

Rs. 730/-

Fruits of the Forests 1kg(Eggless)

Rs. 1160/-

Blueberry cheese cake 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 630/-

Gift Basket (Eggless)

Rs. 2800/-

Assorted 6 pastries,Box of 12 chocolate praline,Box of 12 macaroons(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1890/-

Chocolate KitKat cake 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 495/-

Royale Chocolate Mousse 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 595/-

Chocolate torte 500gms Red roses hand bouquet box of 9 rasberry pralines(Eggless)

Rs. 1620/-

Chocolate Almond hazelnut 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 675/-

Tropical fruit 750gms(Eggless)

Rs. 750/-

Tiramisu cake 1kg(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1360/-

Butterscotch 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 440/-

Stack of boxes (Small)(Contains Egg)

Rs. 810/-

Gift basket (Small )(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1600/-

Caramel Panacotta Cake 500gms , Box of 12 pralines & vase with assorted flowers(Eggless)

Rs. 2725/-

Pista Opera 500gms (contains egg),1 Almond Chocolate Bar & Flower Bouquet (Contains Egg)

Rs. 1800/-

Dutch truffle eggless500gms, Hand Bouquet & Chocolate pralines 100gms(Eggless)

Rs. 1145/-

Pineapple Cake (eggless) - 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 440/-

Premium Black Forest 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 680/-

Dutch Truffle-3 kgs(Eggless)

Rs. 3480/-

Dutch Truffle-500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 455/-

Caramel Panacotta with Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake- 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 800/-

Chocolate Torte -500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 680/-

Pistacho Opera cake 500gm, box of 5 Macaron & box of 12 Chocolate pralines(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1380/-

Desire3 - 1kg(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1500/-

French Fresh Cream Strawberry Cake 500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 710/-

Sacher Torte-1kg(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1360/-

Gift Basket(Contains Egg)

Rs. 3200/-

Stack of Boxes(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1245/-

Tanzania & Vanatu Chocolate Mousse Cake-500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 750/-

Crunchy Hazelnut with milk chocolate-500gms(Eggless)

Rs. 655/-

Assortments of the finest 6 pastry (pastries with egg)

Rs. 810/-

Gateau aux Griottes-1kg(Contains Egg)

Rs. 1360/-

Coffee Opera-500gms(Contains Egg)

Rs. 730/-

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