Individual Pastry

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Rakshabandhan Card with Rakhi and box of 9 chocolates Pralines (Eggless)

Rs. 519/-

Rakshabandhan box of 9 chocolates Pralines(Eggless)

Rs. 420/-

6 Pcs Strawberry tart small

Rs. 250/-

Dutch Truffle(Eggless)

Rs. 92/-

Pistachio opera pastry(Contains Egg)

Rs. 136/-

Black Forest Triffle(Eggless)

Rs. 90/-

Roasted almond hazelnut(Eggless)

Rs. 136/-

baked cherry cheese cake pastry(Eggless)

Rs. 126/-

Philadelphia cheese cake (Contains Egg)

Rs. 125/-

Dutch truffle 2KG(Eggless)

Rs. 1820/-

The Rich Chocolate Dulcy Tart(Eggless)

Rs. 136/-

charlotte(Contains Egg)

Rs. 126/-

Pistachio creme Brulee with Dark Chocolate mousse & almond Dacquoise(Contains Egg)

Rs. 136/-

Mille Feuille(Eggless)

Rs. 136/-

Fruit of the forest Cheese Cake pastry(Eggless)

Rs. 126/-

Eylsee(Contains Egg)

Rs. 136/-

Eclair - chocolate(Contains Egg)

Rs. 123/-

Desire 3(Contains Egg)

Rs. 400/-

Assortments of the finest 6 pastry (pastries with egg)

Rs. 810/-

Original Creations


Great Classics