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Rakshabandhan box of 12 chocolates Pralines(Eggless)

Rs. 525/-

Rakshabandhan Card with Rakhi and box of 9 chocolates Pralines (Eggless)

Rs. 519/-

Rakshabandhan box of 9 chocolates Pralines(Eggless)

Rs. 420/-

Dark Chocolate Smoothie

Rs. 263/-

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Smoothie

Rs. 281/-

The chefs at Ovenfresh put the greatest thought when choosing the best ingredients for your smoothie.

The selection of pure and exclusive ingredients teases the seductive palette thus satisfying the thirst ofthe customer.

The ingredients are blended with love and served at the perfect temperature to call it a liquid dessert.

Suitable for all age groups our smoothies can be had at any time in the day as a nutritious drink or a late night craving.

*Delivered at 4 degree celsius.