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Domain Registration
Windows-Hosting provides fast Domain Name Registration and affordable professional Web Hosting Solutions. Grow your business without breaking your budget. Securing domain names now for your immediate or future use is a quick and easy process.

Our domain registration services are seamlessly integrated with our web hosting offerings. Not ready to host a website just yet? Not a problem. You can easily add hosting plans later after securing your domain name today!

We register domains in YOUR name and you’re free to do with them what you will! Every idea starts with a domain; making that idea come to life is what we do best. Your domain is the storefront of your online business and sometimes getting a second opinion is worth its weight in gold. Windows-Hosting is continually adding new domain extensions, location based domains, and premium domain options. It's worth it to give us a call or chat with us and get advice from our expert team – it's what we do.

Easily Manage your Domain in One Place

Using the Windows-Hosting control panel, managing everything about your domain name is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. It's been specially designed to make managing your domains intuitive and easy, so you don't have to worry about it getting too technical. With domain name registration, pointing, parking and forwarding in the same place as all other website services, you'll never feel lost. Register your domain to start using the control panel now.

There are no hidden fees and no crazy price fluctuations on domain renewals. We're here for you business owners who like consistency, transparency, security and a smooth process to get your domain.

Domain Forwarding

It's a smart idea to protect your brand by buying several domain types with the same name. Pick up a .com, .net, and .co and you can direct all them to one single website inside our control panel. Domain forwarding is also a popular feature for buying commonly misspelled domains and other common names that people may search for. Get more traffic to your site by expanding your domain coverage.

Domain Transfer Locking

Many companies charge fees to keep your domain safe. That's like charging extra for wheels when you buy a car. You can rest assured that your domain is protected with us. Our registration services include domain transfer lock so you are protected from any unauthorized transfer request.

Domain Registration India

Windows-Hosting is a part of popular web hosting and domain registration company named "Mirackle Solutions" and we are providing the cheapest domain registration services in India. It is important to have one unique domain name to be registered for your business or organization. It not only gives you the edge over your competitors, but also gives your online presence the prominent identity it requires. We will be glad to help you with domain name registration in India . As mentioned before, we provide all the best deals for domain registration India. We offer all generic and country specific TLDs. Domain registration means choosing and registering one unique keyword for your website. Basically, website contains two major things, namely: domain name, the unique name that given to your site, the web contents, the pages and images.Once the website contents are ready, it will be necessary to do website domain registration. Nowadays register domain name is very simple process and it is very essential to have a website online.

Process to Register a Domain

Want to register a website for you personal or business or commerical purpose? The first step to register domain would be, to search if your desired domain name is available or not. If the domain name is not already registered,it is considered to be available for registration. Once the name is chosen, the next step is to register domain. For the Procedure you have to give your name and contact information to us. It also depends upon terms ( 1year, 2 years etc.) for how long you will like to have the domain for yourself.There will be a registration fee. The whole process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Our firm helps you to register domain name both for your personal or business websites. Nowadays the percentage of internet usage is increasing day-by-day. So,certainly it is important to have our own website which will display your products and services and reach out to more number of targeted customers globally.

Have you get done with your domain name registration? Not Yet? You should make sure that you register the domain name as soon as possible. Registering domain name is not only necessity, but it is mandatory. The main reason behind to register a domain name soon is for the availability of your desired keyword. The competition is growing in every sphere, thus once your domain name might end to disappear really fast and secure. We are providing domain registration services in India thus satisfying all the customer needs with 24*7 support. It is a pretty good deal because we are registering a good domain name for your website that you want. Don't be late; order now.

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