{"status":"SUCCESS","message":"Done","response":[{"title":"SOP (standard operating procedure)","description":"


Good morning\/afternoon\/evening<\/p>\n

Am I speaking with Mr\/ms <\/p>\n

I am calling from Ovenfresh and my name is Suhas<\/p>\n

This call is regarding the confirmation of your order you have placed on our website <\/p>\n

Can I read out ur order <\/p>\n


You have ordered for half kg dutch truffle cake with egg\/ Eggless to be delivered today\/ tomorow\/ on the 5 th February at ----address-------<\/p>\n

the time slot to been delivered is early morning-------<\/p>\n


The message on the cake is __________ and the message on the card is _____________<\/p>\n

Can I come firm your order <\/p>\n


Thank u for placing the order with us <\/p>\n

Have a nice day\/ evening ahead <\/p>\n