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Blue Elephant Capital Advisors LLP (BECA) is a Boutique Investment Banking Services Firm. With a combination of top-calibre expertise, meaningful networks, and deep commitment to Client goals, we at BECA seek to be trusted financial partners in long-term journey of our Clients’ business. We operate as house bankers for all (large as well as small) financial advisory requirements of our Clients.


Execution orientation

We at BECA focus obsessively on delivering seamless execution through intelligent processes and an experienced team of professionals. Using global methodologies and tools, we ensure that our professionals communicate effectively, regardless of location.



We place strong emphasis on confidentiality, honesty, and integrity in our business dealings. At BECA, we live by a set of shared values, outlined in our operating principles, which guide our actions. Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues, as well as the way we serve our Clients. We strive to be fair in all our dealings.


The Power of Knowledge

In everything we do, across all the sectors and our various products offering, we use our diverse experience, real-time information and knowledge management capabilities to assure fast, high-quality service delivery. We are continually developing new ways to capture and deliver insights and ideas, so that all our team members can use them for the benefit of our Clients.


Intelligent Research

All our businesses are built on a research and analytics foundation. Our understanding of underlying market trends and strong analytical expertise has resulted in a demonstrated ability to identify emerging trends and themes early. We seek to provide the highest quality research and investment opinions to our Clients.


The Guarantee

There are two things clients can count on from the services they receive from BECA: high professional standards and the ability to deliver on our services effectively.


The team at BECA is comprised of specialists from global Investment & Commercial Banks, Chartered Accountants, and reputed Management Consultants.

Our team is an eclectic mix of people from varied backgrounds. Every person in the team possesses that special zeal to do things differently and spectacularly. The result is that our people are our most valuable asset, unrivalled for the richness of experience and the thinking they bring to the table. More importantly, they share the company’s vision and sense of ethics and values, contributing to our Clients’ growth and to ours, like nothing else can.


“ I Strongly recommend Blue Elephant Capital Advisors LLP for any financial services needs pertaining to any fund raising activity through the Debt or the Equity Route ”

- Jeet Mordani - Partner, Jewelry Unlimited -

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310, 3rd Floor,  Rewa Chambers, New Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400020, India.